Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes – Rumor and Fact Roundup

About a week ago Ground Zeroes was revealed in a 10 minute trailer and a 4 minute extended demo. The internet exploded with speculation and conspiracy theories, just like how every announcement of an MGS title is followed up and so I’d like to shine a little light on all the things that can be taken away from the trailer… + some outlandish theories.

  • First FOX ENGINE game

-first premiered at E3 2011

-new, really powerful engine created by Kojima Productions


-abandons standard MGS physical model – very slick (prominent cover system, smooth stance transitions, etc.), very western-styled

  • Motherbase is still present from PW

-may have nukes as “word of our capabilities gets out, and we’ll have the whole world to shut us down”

-has an inspection coming up to check for weapons

-XOF waited for Snake to go save Chico and Paz to go to MSF motherbase and set them up before the inspection or expose the weaponry

-And app that will allow players to customize and traverse base in full detail from a smartphone

  • From FOX two phantoms were born: MSF and XOF


– “Xenogenesis of FOX”

-new antithesis

-led by mysterious man with a burnt face

  • Big Boss

-“back on FOX”

-about 10 years older than in PW

-old as “even age hasn’t slowed [him] down one bit”

  • Open world

-some takes place in Cuba, but other parts of the world will most likely be accessible

-cease everything you see in the distance

-approach to missions from many angles

  • Piloting vehicles

-drive cars, armored vehicles, tanks

-first time piloting a non-mecha transport in MGS

  • No permanent HUD

-only reticle (PW style)

-item switch appears “on” snake, a-la Dead Space

  • Hitch a helicopter ride out of anywhere

-customizable tune when the helicopter arrives

-can get you spotted

-can get shot down

-called by throwing a flare

  • Paz and Chico are imprisoned

-Chico’s sister, Amanda, or Paz was already killed but Snake does not know it.

-were used to lure Big Boss out of the motherbase

-Snake’s arrival was anticipated


-Chico has some audio device in him: perhaps a countdown (he has a bomb inside him meant to kill Snake when he rescues Chico)

-May be VR because strange orange lines appear on the screen sometimes (or just loading)

-May be set in 2 different times: “ground zeroes” may imply multiple GROUND ZEROes

  • Movie

-Avi Arad is set to produce the movie

-made under the umbrella of Columbia Pictures

-no cast or director is attached yet, but Hideo Kojima expressed his admiration for Christopher Nolan… although that may be more of wishful thinking on his part, and not in fact a subtle tease

-no script details confirmed whatsoever: no setting or even protagonist

-an up and coming, not famous actor will be playing the role of Snake


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