Death Kiss Bang Note

Death Kiss Bang Note Header 1 - Copy

I just watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang for the first time. I know, “How the hall have you still not seen it until now?” – well, I try my best to avoid good movies. Truth be told it’s been in my peripheral vision for a while, at least since I watched Sherlock and began admiring the Iron Man man more than before; I liked him better when he was drunk and I didn’t have to worry about him leveling New York with his robot suit, instead he just wore a drape suit and one can’t really cause much damage with silk.

I came across the movie for the wrongest reason imaginable. An American movie adaptation of a Japanese manga and anime Death Note was announced, so I looked it up on imdb in a flash, being a huge fan of the aforementioned japanatoon. Only things listed were: approximate year of release, synopsis, some crap about it being true to the original and the director. The director. I never saw his name before, so I leapt through the hyperlink onto his page. First notable movie was Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, so I immediately acquired it through the most legitimate and legal way imaginable and watched it.

Perfect movie. Maybe not enough turtles who are also ninjas, but over the years I’ve learnt to accept that only a tiny percentage of movies have that, and when they do it’s generally a pretty bad sign. One of the best dialogues and the humor hit bullseye for me – it was the mix of utter idiocy, randomness and undeniable cleverness that majority of internet dwellers have a giant bone.rar for. The action was ridiculous, in the sense that it was too perfect, but I don’t have a problem with that because “it’s unrealistic” – it doesn’t matter, suspend your disbelief and enjoy the fucking masterpiece, you shithead. Don’t hate something just because you feel the need to show how “smart” and “insightful” you are just because you can point out the parts where the writer took some creative license to make the piece flow better. Nobody, and believe me that I do mean ‘any intelligent life form in existence’, cares that you hated Skyfall “because hacking isn’t the same as unwinding a yarn ball, you dumb sheeple, gawd it’s so full of shit”.

The cinematography was interesting at parts and seeing as how there was actually something notable about it makes it stand tall above the majority. Actor chemistry seemed absolutely genuine, so much that when Perry told Harry that he’s not his real friend I felt a bit betrayed by the lie I’ve been living for the last 30 minutes. I’m sure the director will get some great performances out of whoever is involved, but I’m not sure what spectrum off greatness it will be. If it will be on the same level, but serious, which is death note 120%, I will be peeing my pants and then on anyone else’s who’s unfortunate enough to be anywhere near me at the time. I see that he can tell a great story, but does his talent also lie in serious, almost completely devoid of humor storytelling?

I have my reservations, but I also have my child-like hope because a work of art that, to me, defines an entire medium that I hold so very dearly is allegedly getting a western movie adaptation by the director and writer whom I now admire greatly.


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